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I'm Anna Humphries, founder of The Mountain Girl. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a dedication to empowering others, I've embarked on numerous challenging treks and assumed leadership roles. Together with our team of skilled and qualified instructors, we've worked tirelessly to unveil the beauty of our world in ways you've never experienced before. We're committed to opening up new horizons for those eager to embrace adventure.


Why choose us

There are many reasons to choose us, but here are our favorites. 
Making food

New experiences

Discover the extraordinary with The Mountain Girl. Our expeditions offer unparalleled opportunities to explore new horizons. From scaling peaks to navigating rugged terrain, let us redefine adventure for you.

Group Travel

To travel like a local

Immerse yourself in the heart of every destination. Our journeys provide authentic encounters with nature and culture. Connect with communities, savor local flavors, and experience the world like a true local.

Camping Site in Mountains

Unplug from the world

Escape the noise and embrace nature. Led by our team who feel at home in the wilderness, our expeditions offer a refuge from the digital world. Disconnect from technology, reconnect with yourself, and find solace in the wilderness.

Family Hiking

To give yourself a challenge

Give yourself a new story to your book of life and push your limits. Our expeditions are designed to test your courage and resilience. From challenging treks to solo adventures, join us in conquering new heights and discovering your true potential.

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