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I'm Mountain Girl

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From conquering peaks to mastering bushcraft, the spirit of exploration knows no limits.

Connect with nature, release and reset. Love starts with you.

Unleash your inner happiness and watch it grow with every step.

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We take pride in giving you the best time

Everyone has fun

Experience joy-filled moments on our thrilling travel adventures, suitable for all.

Every summit will change you

Reach new heights and conquer challenges with our expert guidance.

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Create lasting memories on our unforgettable journeys, tailored just for you.

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Learn from the best with our team of experienced and certified leaders.

Planned itineraries designed by experts

Rest assured knowing our dedicated team meets all necessary regulations and standards.

Running since 2015

Trust in our years of expertise and passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Well what can I say!! what a fantastic experience from start to finish.
Anna led a big group of us around some mountains in Snowdon and she was truly amazing and inspiring.

Mark Hust

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